Obion County, Tennessee – Local Emergency Planning Committee + Emergency Management Agency

May 2011

Obion County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
May 31, 2011 – 10:00 a.m.
Location – West TN Regional Health Dept.
LEPC Chair – Phil Green--Town of Troy
LEPC Vice-Chair-- Stan Mitchell – TN Army MARS / Rives Volunteer Fire Dept.
LEPC Secretary—Sherri Hanna—Obion County 911
Lori Barker – West TN Regional Health Department
Polk Glover—Obion County Commission/Town of Obion/911/Red Cross
Tim James—Obion County Health Department
Tom Menees—PIO, City of Woodland Mills
Kent Treece—Obion County Sheriff’s Department
Bob Stephens—Union City Rotary Club
The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Phil Green.
The minutes from April and May will be presented for approval at the June meeting.
Mrs. Hanna gave Chairman Green a letter of resignation from her position of Secretary for the
organization. He stated that officer elections are scheduled for the June meeting. Mrs. Hanna
said that, due to this fact, she would continue as Secretary only until the June meeting. She said
that she is currently unable to capably serve as an officer.
The EOC was activated during the May flooding crisis. There was limited input and limited seats
filled. EMA Director Danny Jowers was in and out of the EOC. There were a few
Obion County had no participation in the earthquake NLE. Chairman Green said he did sign in
for the Red Cross Great American Shakeout.
The Sprint/Nextel trunking radios are in Obion County. Some of them have no microphone, no
power module, and no internal speakers. They do appear to be in good shape.
Robin Wood has installed the ACU1000 in the communications truck. No one has been shown
how to use the equipment yet. All the other radios are mounted and functional. The
communications truck is owned by the EMA office and assigned to Obion County Sheriff’s
There was discussion about who the licenseholder is for radio frequencies on which the
Sheriff’s Department broadcasts, and it was said that the Sheriff’s Department holds the license
for any channel on which they broadcast. Kent Treece was asked if the communications truck
was considered to be the same as the Sheriff’s Department dispatch facility, and he said it was.
He said that the EMA budget bought the equipment, and the Sheriff’s Department purchases
the fuel. There is another vehicle that Union City Police Department purchased using Homeland
Security funds, and that vehicle is used exclusively by Union City PD.
EMA Director Jowers has control over the communications truck and additional equipment
including a boat and a “gator”. There needs to be black & white guidelines/acceptable use
policy put into place. Currently, Mr. Jowers is the only person who is authorized to hand over
the equipment for use. Vice Chairman Mitchell told Mr. Treece that Mr. Jowers said that both
Mr. Treece and Sheriff Vastbinder are supposed to be authorized to assign keys.
The LEPC conference is scheduled for August 9-10 at Paris Landing State Park.
Chairman Green is going to be working with recovery efforts in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the first
week of June. In Joplin, Missouri, 24 to 36 amateur radio operators are working 12-hour shifts
due to the complete destruction of the communications infrastructure.
Tom Menees made a motion to adjourn, and Vice-Chairman Stan Mitchell seconded the
motion. The motion carried, and the meeting was adjourned

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