Obion County, Tennessee – Local Emergency Planning Committee + Emergency Management Agency

December 2010

Obion County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) December 28, 2010 – 10:00 a.m. Location – West TN Regional Health Dept.

Attendees: LEPC Chair – Phil Green–Town of Troy

LEPC Vice-Chair– Stan Mitchell – TN Army MARS / Rives Volunteer Fire Dept.

LEPC Secretary—Sherri Hanna—Obion County 911

Lori Barker – West TN Regional Health Department

Mike Caudill—TEMA

Chief Kelly Edmison—Union City Fire Department

Jim Foster—Obion County Rescue Squad

Chief Joe Garner—Union City Police Department

Polk Glover—Obion County Commission/Town of Obion/911

Charlie Grooms—Obion County Fair Association

Tim James—Obion County Health Department

Danny Jowers—Obion County EMA Director

Sylvia Mallard—Civil Air Patrol

Tom Menees—City of Woodland Mills

Nancy Morrison—Obion County 911

Andrew Rose—TEMA Bill Sanderson—State Representative, District 77

Jo Ann Speer—Everett-Stewart Regional Airport

Bob Stephens – Citizen / Fuller Partners Reality / Union City Rotary Club Chief David Wilds—South Fulton Fire Department

Jerry Williams—Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (Ethanol Plant)

Robin Wood—Wood Communication

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Phil Green. The minutes from November 2010 were presented for approval. Chief Joe Garner made a motion to accept the minutes, and Tom Menees seconded the motion. The motion carried. Chairman Green said that he is updating the LEPC website. He has been visiting other LEPC sites and has noticed that one of their major focuses is  industry. He would like to see a form letter developed to be sent to local industry to encourage their participation. At the November 2010 meeting, the appointment of a  Public Information Officer (PIO) was discussed, and Tom Menees was asked to look into becoming the organization’s PIO. Chief Joe Garner made a motion to appoint Tom Menees as the PIO for Obion County LEPC, and Charlie Grooms seconded the motion. Chief Garner then made a motion for nominations to cease and for Mr. Menees to be appointed by acclamation; Mr. Grooms seconded the motion. The motion carried, and Mr. Menees was named Obion County LEPC PIO. TEMA West region will have a PIO course in February, and Mr. Menees will attend. He was also asked to choose an alternate PIO should he be unavailable. EMA Director Danny Jowers reminded everyone that the ICS-300 and -400 courses are planned to be held after the first of the year, with Danny Carr of Union City Police Department as the instructor. The completed renovations at the 911 office were discussed. Mike Caudill and Andrew Rose of TEMA plan to visit the facility following the LEPC meeting. Robin Wood was asked to give an update on the Sprint Nextel rebanding. He said that the contract has finally been agreed upon and that the final result was that they got ¼ of what they thought they would. There will be 200 replacement radios, including 12 new units and the remainder in Type 2 used radios. They are due to arrive at the end of January or beginning of February. He said that the old radios must be turned in. The 800 radios will all have to be reflashed and reprogrammed. The Astro-Spectras will have digital capabilities, and all but 42 of the EF Johnson radios can be upgraded with the purchase of chips for them. Mike Caudill reported that the 2011 LEPC conference will be held at Paris Landing. In addition, he said that TEMA would be willing to facilitate a communications tabletop exercise in preparation for the upcoming national exercise (NLE2011) if the county sets the date for it. During the national exercise, simplistic messages will be given. All 95 counties in Tennessee have committed to participate in the May event. Lead agencies from each ESF will need to participate. He said that sometime in 2011, the mitigation plan should be revised as it is required every 5 years. Woodland Mills did not participate in the original planning process, but they will be included in the revision and placed in the plan. Mr. Caudill told the group that Andrew Rose will be the TEMA coordinator for Obion County for January-February-March 2011. Upcoming training opportunities hosted by TEMA include: January 25—EOC Workshop Training (course is full), February 10-11—Basic PIO course,  and first week of February—COML. At the end of January or beginning of February, TEMA will rollout new hazmat training. EMA Director Danny Jowers said that both the mitigation and county operations plan are due for revision in 2011. He noted that in the past lead agencies were not required to be governmental entities, but now they are. Mr. Jowers said that the new communications truck has capabilities that would allow it to be utilized if communications were down in the county. Mr. Wood said that truck is outfitted with an ACU1000 interoperability box which will interface 8 radios with patch capability. There is also a dual head Kenwood UHF, 2 800 radios, and extra power onboard. Vice Chairman Mitchell asked if the unit can crossband over only simplex or repeaters, and Mr. Wood replied that it can do both. Mr. Mitchell then asked about the BILL box that had been shown at one of the meetings, and Mr. Wood said that ACU1000 is “a super-Cadillac BILL box.” Mr. Jowers said that once the county takes over the current building housing the Vocational school, there will be 4 or 5 bays for storage of operations equipment, as well as multiple classrooms for training. Everett-Stewart Regional Airport manager Jo Ann Speers was asked to give a report. She said that the runway extension is now complete. They are waiting on it to be striped, and in the spring it will be sealcoated and permanently striped. She introduced Lt. Sylvia Mallard of the Civil Air Patrol. Lt. Mallard reported that they are trying to form a Civil Air Patrol chapter here, and the initial meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2011, at 5:30 p.m. at the airport. They must have 15 pilots to get chartered, and they are anticipating receiving their charter in a ceremony January 15. Representative Bill Sanderson was asked if he would like to address the group. He said that he will be in Nashville in 2 weeks and said that all should feel free to contact him regarding issues. Lori Barker reported that the regional health office has been approved to be the Obion County media relations center should activation be required. Jim Foster asked if the medical helicopter pre-established landing area (PELA) site coordinates have been included as part of ESF 7. Mr. Jowers said that the list was sent to TEMA. The next meeting will be held January 25, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. Mr. Mitchell made a motion to adjourn, and Mr. Foster seconded the motion.


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