Obion County, Tennessee – Local Emergency Planning Committee + Emergency Management Agency

April 2011

Obion County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
April 26, 2011 – 6:00 p.m.
Location – West TN Regional Health Dept.
The meeting was called to order at 5:59 P.M. by Chairman Phil Green.
The minutes from March 2011 were presented for approval. Union City Police ChiefJoe Garner
made a motion to accept the minutes, and Tom Menees seconded the motion. The motion
The national level earthquake exercise was discussed. EMA Director Danny Jowers said that
Obion County’s role is communications, and he had hoped to have the communications trailer
up and going but didn’t think it would happen. He said he was coordinating with Fulton and
Hickman to help with a mock exercise. A POD will be set up in Gibson County as part of the NLE.
He encouraged communications exercises, and he said that we are required to contact the state
The topic of flood mitigation was also discussed. Mr. Jowers said that there were major
thunderstorm cells coming in and the county was at a high risk for severe weather at the time
of the meeting. He said if severe weather caused major damage, each town and agency should
keep up with the resources used in case there is a disaster declaration.
He also said that the committee should not be surprised if “something” might be done
regarding the levees in Hickman.
Mr. Jowers was asked what the plans were for potential evacuations for flood and storm
victims, and he said that the Red Cross has shelters in place at Second Baptist Church in Union
City and South Fulton Baptist Church.
The Red Cross has to work on whether pets can be sheltered and observed that the rules of the
faith-based organizations are in place for their individual shelters.
Hornbeak Fire Chief Bob Reavis reported that Lake County residents are moving out due to the
imminent flooding potential. Lake County Utility District is moving its equipment to higher
ground, and the National Guard unit is moving its equipment out as well.
Keith Curlin and Tim James said that 200-300 people in Lake County need to be moved out now.
They both attended the Corps of Engineers meeting.
Chief Reavis said that the school systems need to be put on alert.
Obion County Red Cross Director Rob Adcock said that the Red Cross has trucks coming up now.
Mr. Curlin reported that lower Dyersburg is going to flood again, and 100-200 people need to
be evacuated.
The County Mayors for Lake and Obion Counties signed a mutual aid agreement. Mr. Jowers
will be in charge of resource assignments. He will go by call sign “EMA1” and can be reached on
the Obion County Sheriff’s radio frequency.
Obion Fire Chief Jamie Evans asked if the State EOC had been activated, and Mr. Jowers said
that it had not, but was on standby.
Mr. Curlin said that the Public Health office has two nurse strike teams on standby for triage
and basic first aid for shelters.
If Samburg is flooded out, there are approximately 425 people who will be affected. Troy Fire
Chief Mark Watson, who works at the correctional facility in Tiptonville, said that the prison
plans to stay put for now.
Lake County currently has no shelter or contingency plans.
 Mr. Jowers said that the BEOP has been sent to Nashville for review and approval.
 Chief Garner said that Danny Carr is at training at Natchez Trace.
 The rural fire subscription program is being developed by Computers Direct, and they
are currently waiting on some data from both the County and 911.
 A Vanessa K. Free training session is scheduled for May 16 at 6 p.m. at Rives Fire
 On May 10, a neighborhood watch organizational meeting is scheduled.
Chief Garner made a motion to adjourn, and Chief Evans seconded the motion. The motion
carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 6:29 p.m.

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