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ARRL Field Day for Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club

June 23 ¬†noon thru June 24 noon………..

The Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club will host it’s annual ARRL Field Day starting Saturday at 12 noon till 12 noon on Sunday that highlights the use of amateur radio for emergencies throughout the world in this contest.

Detailed information can be found on the clubs website, http://www.reelfootarc.com/news.html

Please come and enjoy the world of amateur radio and spend some time communicating with other through out the world. Make sure to bring your kids too! There’s nothing like talking to other non hams on the “Get on the Air” station to become interested in amateur radio.

Members of this club are the same people that help agencies communicate when their is no other available means of communications during disasters….Please come out and support amateur radio – besides, it is free entertainment for the entire family with free food too!

We do have several amateur radio operators who are members of our LEPC.

Phillip Green – November Four Papa Whiskey Golf aka Now 4 Phillip Wayne Green

Chairman of  OCLEPC & Assistant Director of ARRL Delta Division


June LEPC Meeting

The June LEPC meeting will be held on June 19, 2012 at 1:00pm at the Regional Health Dept. office in Union City.
The meeting date and time was changed at the last meeting due that Stan & Lori were going to be out of town.

As a reminder, this meeting will include the election of officer for the next three years as per our new bylaws.

Please attend this meeting or send a representative from your agency or business.